Motor Carriers

More services and more markets.


BNSF offers the most flexible intermodal services in the industry, making it easier for you to manage your logistics and optimize supply chain efficiencies.

The Most Options

Customize your shipping strategies with BNSF's diverse service portfolio.

  • We offer two distinct service options—one emphasizing speed and the other emphasizing cost-efficiency.
  • The Expedited Container and Expedited Trailer products have transit times that average 800 miles per day and Standard Container product transit times average 600 miles per day.

The Most Capacity

Take advantage of BNSF’s extensive route, equipment and facility capacity.

  • We have invested more than $45 billion since 2000 to expand and improve our network.
  • We continue to increase capacity and implement new technologies at our intermodal facilities. For example, the Automated Gate Systems (AGS) technology enables drivers to enter our secured intermodal facility, drop-off the shipment, pick up another shipment and depart the facility usually within 30 minutes.

The Broadest Reach

Access more major markets with BNSF's unparalleled network.

  • We provide you with direct access to the country’s biggest and fastest-growing markets, including Dallas/Fort Worth, Kansas City, Chicago, Memphis and Atlanta.
  • Our intermodal network gives you access to the top U.S. markets—and covers 96% of the U.S. population.
  • We are the only railway to offer direct service between the West Coast and Atlanta.
  • We have a comprehensive network of 27 strategically located intermodal facilities.


BNSF offers the most reliable intermodal services, so you can trust us to get the job done—and that allows you to focus on the many other aspects of your logistics management.

The Best Performance

Ensure your shipments arrive safely and on time by working with the fastest intermodal carrier in the industry.

  • We handle nearly one million loads per year of the most time-sensitive freight, including Parcel, LTL and Temperature-Controlled.
  • We deliver speeds that meet or even exceed single-driver, over-the-road transit times.
  • BNSF is best-in-class for safe and damage-free shipments.

A Dedicated Team

Experience exemplary customer service throughout your shipment lifecycle.

  • An integrated approach and cohesive team makes our level of service and responsiveness a true differentiator.
  • We have a dedicated intermodal team, so they know what you're talking about—and what they're talking about.
  • Our award-winning Customer Support is accessible 24/7/365, so you can have peace of mind even if things don't go as planned.


Incorporating BNSF intermodal into your network can help you streamline your services, improve asset utilization and strengthen your business.

The Most Economic Benefit

Incorporating intermodal services into your supply chain allows you to take a multi-faceted approach to your service offerings.

  • Using BNSF for your longer hauls reduces the wear and tear on your equipment and allows your drivers to more easily comply with CSA Regulations.
  • Keeping your drivers closer to home has been shown to boost driver retention.
  • Tapping into our vast network allows you to reach new markets and grow your business without adding new equipment.


BNSF is constantly developing new ways to provide its customers with more flexibility, more reliability and more value.

The First Name in the Industry

  • First and only railroad to partner exclusively with motor carriers to market its intermodal services.
  • First railroad to offer differentiated service levels.
  • First and only railroad to offer single network reach from the West Coast to Atlanta.
  • First railroad to champion the Logistics Park (LP) concept in designing intermodal facilities at LP Alliance (DFW), LP Chicago, LP Memphis and LP Kansas City.

Innovations That Increase Speed and Reliability

  • BNSF has invested in advanced hub technologies such as Automated Gate Systems and efficient wide span cranes to maximize driver turn times.
  • Logistics Parks are revolutionizing inbound logistics by eliminating miles from the overall supply chain and allowing freight to move quickly to its needed destination.

Innovations That Increase Flexibility

We are constantly working on innovations to expand the flexibility of intermodal to support a broader range of cargo and technical specifications from customers.

Innovations That Increase Efficiency

With innovations like easy-to-use tracking software, we are making it easier than ever for customers to see everything in their intermodal supply chain and manage it even more efficiently.